Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best Double Mint Gum commerical ever???

Throwing together some more Sketch Art examples for the old portfolio. Since all the stuff I've done for actual clients is all flipping non-disclosable!
I don't think that The Devil's Double was the best movie of the summer or anything, but it was actually pretty fascinating. Some of the stuff Uday Hussein did in the movie seemed so far fetched that I went and looked up online what he's actually done in real life (well, according to Wikipedia).  But this guy was actually legitimately insane! He tortured olympic athletes, raped women he picked up off the street, murdered some folks. Killed his dad's buddy with an electric meat-carving knife at a party!  Also, he had a personal collection of lions and cheetahs....what.
Anyways Dominic Cooper did a pretty spectacular job as Latif and Uday.  Although I thought he looked a lot less like them, and a lot more like Freddy Mercury.  Now THAT's a biopic I would watch.  Make it happen, Hollywood!

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