Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hiatus Interuptus

I've been crazy busy lately, what with doing real work and going on trips and having actual things to do!  Fortunately I managed to squeeze in a little inconsequential doodle nonsense.  For you, dear reader, for you.

Fairy Blog-mother smiles upon us all!

I was drawing a heartwarming scene of maternal bliss and immediately thought better of it.
This is just what happens every morning when I wake up.
THIS is what happens when you fly Alaskan Airlines to Seattle next to a hot mom and her TWO HORRIBLE CHILDREN.  Keep in mind, for most of the flight they were screaming and kicking. When they FINALLY calmed down was when that damned double espresso kicked in >_<
And while I was in Seattle, my LA peeps went out to camp in the woods like a bunch of damn dirty hippies. Stoner Bear only wants to party, bra!
The End. 

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  1. I LOVE THIS. Squirrels bring me and my perfect set of tits my lacy bra in the morning. The little blue birds kept getting distracted and flying into each other.