Monday, January 16, 2012

Tristyn Got a New Toy

SO, I gots me a Cintiq tablet, it's PRETTY great. Spent all yesterday playing with it and whipped up these:

Some Downton Abbey fan art, some self-portraiture of me with effin spacers in my teeth. THEY HURT LIKE A B-WORD. But I refuse to eat soft food! Cuz pudding sucks.
And also some Donald Glover, because really I have the most inappropriately huge crush on that guy. He was in my dream last night, WE FLIRTED. But then I had to get on a plane to find a location to bury the secret castle. And a baby on the plane was looking at me wryly. He knew what was up.


  1. That is an excellent Donald Glover. *singing* Donald Glover is a draw--wing!**

    I am about to start Downton Abby. If your picture tells me anything, it will be full of beautiful dresses and moping. BRITISH moping.

  2. Did we both buy Cintiqs on the same day?