Monday, May 14, 2012


Yeaaaaah, so I got on Pottermore. It's not like I could NOT do it!  Really I just wanted to get sorted. Hufflepuff, bitches! Awww yissss, common room next to the kitchen. 
But yeah, if anybody wants to be friends I'm CloakWolfsbane3299. Yeah, it's a pretty cool name, you can be jealous. 


  1. I always suspected you were a Hufflepuff, albeit an adventures and non-chubby one! Plus then you're close to Cedric Diggery <3

    How do you get sorted?

    1. To get sorted you have to click through ALL of the book chapters leading up to the one where Harry gets sorted. It takes AGES, but you can find secret little easter eggs with extra information about the Harry Potter universe, and that's pretty cool. I now know all of McGonagall's back story!

  2. HI! It's Kelly from the old VA neighborhood. Saw you got sorted so have friended you! (PhoenixSpell203) :) Love your art!