Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lately noodling

Been busy of late what with work and you know, getting a KITTEN. Drawings of which will surely be forthcoming. Y'know, once she stops being so very kitten-energy and starts being more cat-lazy and wanting to play aaaaall the time. It is the most adorable burden. 
Anyways, here I was just trying to see what kind of a face I could draw without any specific reference. And it turned out....meh? I dunno, I ended up using my own face as reference because I'm a big old cheater but then I was trying to make the girl look hispanic but I'm not hispanic sooooo... I think it just ended up kind of weird lookin'? Not the worst thing ever though?

And this was just me doodling elf girls because sometimes I do that to blow off steam. Blame Lord of the Rings in my formative years. Click to enlarge for both!

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