Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crank that nerdiness up to 11

So, the other day I had Harry Potter 7 on in the background while I was doodling and it got me to thinking about how much I don’t like Ron and Hermione as a couple. Back in the day I never really gave it much thought but then after Rowling was all “Ugh, I wish I could take that back.” it got me thinking that they are totally wrong for each other! Ron is one of those insecure dudes that needs constant validation and will always get all passive aggressive because he imagines that everybody undervalues him. And dudes like that NEVER change. And Hermione is just way too self assured to put up with that nonsense. I’m just sayin, I think they would have eventually split up. And I like the idea of Harry/Hermione way better because they were always respectful of one another, and they went through a lot of the same formative experiences together and I think they would make a good match. And also, lets be fair, Ginny is a big fat nothing. 
So anyways I was thinking about all this stuff and started drawing my ideal couples for the Potter books and it just sort of spiraled out of control and I drew Harry and Hermione’s wedding and I was like oh no WHAT HAVE I DONE. IT’S SO CHEESEBALLY. I even picked theme colors for the wedding. I’m so…I’m so ashamed. 
But anyways, these are my fantasy couples for the Potter Universe: Harry + Hermione, obvy. Then Ginny realizes she’s hella gay and dates her way through the wizarding world. Here I had her paired up with Katie Bell. And Ron ends up with a nice Indonesian muggle girl who is just always so impressed by his magical abilities and dazzled by the wizarding world.  And obviously she gets knocked up right away because Weasley men do not wrap that shit up.  And then Neville + Luna because they’re my favorites. ^_^

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  1. This is all I ever wanted out of book 7 since forever. When JK finally said that I felt so validated! So all the AWW YISSS to this!