Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

 Summer has officially arrived! Spent Memorial day at the beach and it was pretty rad.
Joanna dunked me! It's not like I'm afraid of the ocean or anything its's COLD in there!
James could not play with us in the water, because he just had laser eye surgery. But its okay, he has laser eyes now!
And the other night I had wicked insomnia, which never happens to me. So I drew this to pass the time. Of course this would only happen when I have to get up at 6 AM! >:(

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Margerie Arcade

So, my buddy Seth made up this Post-apocalyptic zombie-slaying lady named Margerie Arcade, who gets rid of your zombie problem for a fee. It was PRETTY bad-ass, and if I recall correctly at one point she goes to the MOON. Anyways I was thinking of that concept and how cool it would be if she lived in a burnt out building in the hollywood hills and killed zombies in Los Angeles and had a sweet undercut and an ambiguous racial background. 

Anyways, sorry for ruining your idea, Seth!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Yeaaaaah, so I got on Pottermore. It's not like I could NOT do it!  Really I just wanted to get sorted. Hufflepuff, bitches! Awww yissss, common room next to the kitchen. 
But yeah, if anybody wants to be friends I'm CloakWolfsbane3299. Yeah, it's a pretty cool name, you can be jealous. 


So are they making another Tron movie? I saw the first episode of the animated series, and that was pretty neat, but it was lacking in the Garrett Hedlund department.

Day Off

I'm a grown ass woman, I'll climb trees in public if I want to!