Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014


Oh my glob, it's been so long! I lately got an unexpected boat-load of free time so I've been working on this story idea I've been developing. Basically its about tween girls having adventures in space. So basically its all I ever wanted in a story growing up. 
Click to embiggen! So this is the whole crew, left to right, Willoughby St.James (Will) - Pilot, Roxy Romero (Roxy)- Captain, Aditya Asan (Atya)- First Mate,  MacKenzie McKracken (Mac) - Engineer, Thalia - Navigator
Here I had Will smoking a cigarette originally because every time I want to draw a character as a badass I give them a cigarette. But I was like OH WAIT, you can't have tweens smoking cigarettes so I'll have her holding....a parakeet. GOOD SAVE.

 Atya's the brainy one

 Mac is the techy one with a robot penguin! His name is Gerard.
And Thalia has a 6th sense for interstellar travel. Which somehow is associated with glowy crystals. I mean obviously.

So yeah, I've got a story outlined but I'm such a god-awful writer I don't know what to do with it.  And its not even that I'm bad at writing its just so boring and I would much rather be designing increasingly elaborate space-sneakers. Who wouldn't!